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Audience Measurement

Digital Audience Measurement

Understanding audiences of online/digital media.

We offer a hybrid approach to identifying and tracking usage of digital media. The method combines ‘site-centric’ and ‘user-centric’ measurement with sophisticated modelling to generate audience estimates for any website or app.

When people visit websites and apps, they do so using devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones. These devices are logged every time they visit a website or app. Unfortunately, this tells us nothing about who is behind each device. Site-centric measurement therefore captures the volume of device visits to any particular page (and, for a short period of time, they will be recognised when they return to a site via ‘cookies’ left by the website on the device).

Determining who the people are behind each device can be done in various ways. The Gold Standard is to recruit a large representative panel and track what each person does with each of their devices over a period of time. This can then be combined with the site-centric data to generate good estimates of the audience to individual websites and apps. A more cost-effective option is to use pop-up surveys to collect demographics and to match them with devices, building to ever larger samples over time.