Healthcare Evidence, Value and Access

Healthcare Evidence, Value and Access

Ipsos’ Evidence, Value & Access offer comprises proprietary syndicated real-world evidence (RWE) data assets, consultants and specialists in health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) and market access strategy and planning.

We are data-agnostic in our approach and have the capability to build de-novo data assets to support evidence and engagement strategies that support discreet medical and commercial strategies in all therapeutic areas.

The Evolution and Convergence of Evidence and Access

Our client’s Medical and Commercial clients need to be better connected on Therapeutic area strategies and indication needs than ever before. Together, they must accomplish three tasks:

  1. generate evidence to understand the disease and a drug’s clinical evidence;
  2. create an evidence-based plan (for many markets, a health technology assessment - HTA) and payer value proposition; and
  3. deploy robust market access strategies and tactics to ensure uptake and commercial impact across multiple, diverse global markets.

Our HEOR team is experienced in answering the “what” and the “why” to help pharmaceutical companies understand how their drug is performing. Our expert market access team marries agile solutions with rigorous methodologies and delivers a spectrum of analytical tools to suit different commercial decisions – from heavy-duty models to more agile trade-off exercises. They are supported by our syndicated Global Therapy Monitors which supply a plethora of globally consistent, real-world data and therapeutic expertise to support both HEOR and market access initiatives.

Evidence Generation

Evidence Generation covers both disease focus - identifying burden of disease and unmet needs, and drug focus - conducting evidence gap assessment and consulting with manufacturers to address the critical payer questions: Can it work? Is it worth it? Does it work? How will it impact the evolving standards of care?

Value Proposition

Value Proposition services include: payer insight, tracking and segmentation, core value dossiers, payer value message/story development and testing, and payer negotiation strategy and tools.

Market Access

Market access services include: pricing, reimbursement and access strategy, evidence generation and planning, patient willingness to pay, market access landscape assessment, market access due diligence and opportunity assessment, including:

  • Developing access objectives for key accounts that define targeted level of access and trajectory
  • Developing national, regional, account and cohort level account segmentation and targeting tactics
  • Develop account-level launch plans for pre/post approval
  • Conduct live field training with account executives and HEOR field teams
  • Create value story strategy and provide account managers with the needed customer-facing materials
  • Develop payor engagement programs, the “Payor Roadshow”
  • Channel-based strategies (i.e. Medicare, Medicaid, Institutional) refinement of access objectives, value story strategy, and tools
  • Develop scenario-based access plans

Ipsos’ Evidence, Value & Access services deliver cross-functional integration and advice to guide the way to optimal commercial performance for your assets.