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Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA)

Multi-Touch Attribution models enable marketing planners to improve the effectiveness of their addressable digital channels.

It aids cross-channel measurement and optimization by helping digital planners target specific consumer groups with relevant offers and campaigns by creating more relevant, targeted content, media and device plans.

The approach delivers a fully integrated analysis across both digital and offline addressable channels at a customer level, taking into account all business drivers, providing a true measure of sales lift from advertising on addressable touchpoints.

How Ipsos MMA answers clients’ needs

Ipsos MMA’s MTA approach combines software analytics and data management platforms with in-depth consulting. The service provides continuous in-market validations to not only ensure model accuracy, trust and understanding, but to help companies quickly integrate and action their findings.

Ipsos MMA’s MTA solution provides CMOs and CFOs with a unified approach that matches their decision-making ability and business planning cycles in a way that embeds understandable, validated holistic attribution results (inclusive of not only digital but other marketing, operation and relevant programming) into ongoing business operations on a cadence consistent with their traditional planning and management cycles.