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People Counting

Use your data to drive conversions and measure, manage and improve footfall.

Use your data to drive conversions

Ipsos has been at the forefront of developing people counting software and retail technology for more than 25 years. Our people counter sensors can accommodate multiple shoppers entering a store and come with the industry’s highest standard of more than 95% accuracy.

Our people counting cameras capture the flow of potential customers that enter a store on an ongoing hour-by-hour basis, over a period of time. Driving up footfall gives you more opportunities to influence consumer behaviour and increase sales, as retailers continually tempt customers into stores with offers, rewards and memorable experiences.

Measure, manage and improve footfall

Measure the impact of brand awareness by using window displays and matching staff scheduling with footfall peaks and troughs, where you are able to identify footfall drivers and make the necessary changes to improve total retail store performance.

Besides tracking the number of people who walk through the door, the collected data helps you to make the right decisions at a strategic and operational level. Underpinning everything from staff scheduling to trend analysis and retail occupancy levels, these immediate insights show where store improvements are needed to drive conversions.