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Post-Launch Clinics

How to improve vehicles after launch and to optimise the next generation of models. What drives new vehicle acceptance and rejection?

Product improvement does not end after vehicle launch. A post-launch vehicle quality clinic can be held to diagnose product shortcomings perceived from early buyers, for immediate remedy such as better dealer training, user manual updates, or to provide inputs to improve the next generation of the vehicle.

For a broader understanding of a vehicle launch, early buyers of the vehicle and its close competitors can also be engaged in an Accepters and Rejecters survey. Feedback of these early buyers is then analysed to illuminate reasons behind the gaps between expected and actual in-market performance, from both product and marketing perspectives.

For a vehicle quality clinic, early buyers are invited to drive their vehicles to a venue where a series of diagnostic questions, and sometimes objective, technical measures (e.g. sound, smell, temperature) are collected to determine the cause and possible solution of the issues.

Accepters and Rejecters studies can be conducted online or in-person. Early buyers of a recently-launched model and its key competitors are invited to voice out their respective vehicles’ strengths and weaknesses, from product, marketing and sales perspectives. On top of a quantitative survey, qualitative discussion groups or online communities can also be added to seek more immersive insight.