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Qualitative Clinics for Mobility insights

Offering you unlimited consumer understanding on future mobility.

Ipsos conducts qualitative clinics when deeper insights, more immersive interaction and observations are needed to better understand consumers’ needs on future mobility. It can be a stand-alone qualitative clinic, where consumers are given ample time to try out, for instance, different seating configurations of a new vehicle, a ride-along to observe how consumers interact with their cars, or as an additional module in a pre-launch clinic. This could be a focus group discussion among consumers or an expert interview to deep dive on a new concept’s strengths and weaknesses. It can also be an activation workshop where learnings are shared with stakeholders in a collaborative way.

Ipsos’ qualitative experts focus on mobility research and can always deliver deeper insights, while being ready to be challenged with new ways of doing research. This can include focus group discussions, ethnographical research, in-home visits, ride-alongs, in-car interactions, one-on-one consumer interviews, mobility diaries, expert interviews, or activation workshops.