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Social Listening Tools by Synthesio

Market-leading social media intelligence suite.

Global brands use Synthesio social listening tools to measure the impact of online conversations against their business goals. Synthesio provides the most robust social listening platform and audience insights on the market, built on the most extensive collection of online data.

Synthesio enables brands with the latest social listening tools and automated insights to understand their consumers and their conversations.

The Artificial Intelligence-powered technology helps you sift through mounds of data faster, and surface insights that you can’t find on your own. Our social media data is sourced from 195 countries and in more than 80 languages; 20+ with Automatic Sentiment Analysis (ASA).

To date, we’ve had one hundred billion mentions from online sources collected and counting, and have stored 2.5 petabytes of data on our secure, cloud-based servers.

Synthesio is an Industry leader according to the three most recent Forrester Wave research reports on social listening tools.

We offer a range of tools and solution in our Social Media Intelligence suite, including:

  • Synthesio Dashboards for Social Listening
  • Synthesio Profiler for Audience Insights
  • Synthesio Beam for Social Media Command Centers
  • Synthesio API for Social Data Integration

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