MISFITS: How creativity in advertising sparks brand growth

Creativity is often celebrated as the fuel of effective advertising, but it has a problem. It is an enigma of artistic work, with a range of definitions, wrapped in uncertainty, which often collides with marketers’ needs for stable returns from their advertising investments

MisfitsThe new Ipsos publication, Misfits, aims to move beyond this impasse by proposing a paradox. That embracing the uncertainty of creativity when producing advertising is the most certain way to achieve strong business returns in the short and longer-term.

The publication outlines key findings from an Ipsos meta-analysis of thousands of ads, identifying the presence of creativity in advertising experiences and how they relate to end brand effects, framed in the Misfits of the world, to understand how thinking differently and not fitting in can lead to more effective outcomes. With these data fuelled observations and references to popular culture, Misfits reveals what creativity really means in advertising and the role it plays in delivering end business effects.

Check out Misfits on Ipsos.com, and reach out to your Ipsos Creative Excellence Team today to find out more about how they can help you raise the bar on the quality of your advertising.

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