[Webinar 19/11] Behavioural science: Creating competitive advantage during changing consumer behaviour

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We live in a world that is rapidly changing; COVID-19 has crystallised a wide range of disruptive forces such as digital transformation, social justice and climate change. With many of the habits and routines of the past no longer being relevant to the world we live in, consumers, brands and governments are realising that one of our biggest challenges is behaviour change. How do we encourage people to maintain behaviour such as using digital channels and perhaps to start new food consumption and health behaviours? What can brands do to be part of consumers’ lives? How can we reduce the say-do gap in pro-social sustainability behaviour?

Behavioural science is increasingly recognised as having an important role not only for understanding behaviour but to navigate change. The discipline is rapidly moving beyond System 1 and Nudge to offer a more holistic understanding of human behaviour and, importantly, developing ways to engage and shape outcomes.

Join our webinar Thursday the 19th of November, where Colin Strong, Global Head of Behavioural Science at Ipsos, together with Rikke Nielsen, Senior Research Executive, will give an overview of the discipline, it’s relevance to understanding today’s consumer behaviours and give examples of the way we apply this for a range of client challenges.

You’ll learn the following: 

  • Identifying the key ways to encourage new behaviour
  • The top three ways to maintain new behaviours 
  • Strategies for closing the say-do gap 

Practical information

The webinar will be held from 9.00 – 9.45 AM CET followed by a 15 minutes Q&A. Participation is free. You register for the session through the sign-up button at the top of the page.

Speakers :

  • Colin Strong, Global Head of Behavioural Science, Ipsos

    Colin Strong, Global Head of Behavioural Science, Ipsos

  • Rikke Nielsen, Senior Research Executive, Ipsos

    Rikke Nielsen, Senior Research Executive, Ipsos

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