KEYS - The Sustainability Imperative

Keys webinar | The Sustainability Imperative: People * Planet * Prosperity


People * Planet * Prosperity

Governments, business and society all share a growing ambition to create a more sustainable and prosperous future for people and for our planet, while recognising the challenges at play.

How to shape a future that is planet-positive? How to support a fairer society where everyone can thrive? And how can businesses create sustainable futures, both for themselves and the communities they serve?

Please join us as we reflect on the work that still needs to be done to put in place strategies that will meet the needs of present and future generations.

The Sustainability Context

Practitioners are charged with getting to grips with various concepts: the E-S-G agenda, the evolving CSR landscape and the dynamics of the so-called say-do gap. We take a look at these themes through the lens of public opinion around the world.

Shifts and Sentiments in South East Asia

People across the region are telling us businesses are acting too slowly when it comes to taking tangible action. We present new expert analysis on how the context is changing – and take a look at what to expect next.

Speaking to Consumers

Often the carrot of “it’s sustainable” is not enough to entice a public who feel that they are doing enough in the face of many competing priorities. We explore how sustainability can be positioned as a co-benefit, using a new segmentation to help us better understand and communicate with different groups.

The Sustainability Opportunity

We reflect on how businesses can create unique value by re-thinking how their products and services are designed and by doing this in a holistic way - whilst making sure they are in tune with people’s evolving values and aspirations.

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