Ipsos Update - October 2018

Welcome to Ipsos Update – our monthly selection of research and thinking from Ipsos teams around the world. October’s edition features new papers on agile research, surviving disruption, and creating strong branded memories in ads, as well as reports on Kenya, populism, and young people globally.

This month we revisit populism with a new Global Advisor report, which finds that two years after Brexit and the election of Trump, feelings of alienation from mainstream politics persist. Whereas overall fewer people believe their country is in decline, 44% compared to 57% in 2016, two-thirds of people (63%) believe the system is rigged in favour of the economic elite.

So, How Divided is the U.S? Ahead of next month’s Midterm elections, Ipsos has launched ‘Political Atlas’ to provide updates on the important topics as well as polling and social media insights across the 50 states. But, removing the political lens, a GenPop piece reminds us of 118 things that unite Americans.

On a similarly positive note, new research for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation found that young people are more optimistic about the future than older generations. This is more pronounced in lower- and middle-income countries; 63% as opposed to 39% in higher income countries agree that their generation will have a more positive impact on the world than their parents.

#Millennials is a new comprehensive study that seeks to decode MENA’s millennials. It highlights important trends and insights relating to their lifestyles, behaviours and attitudes and covers eight key markets. Amongst other things, they are found to be global, connected and engaged.

Meanwhile, in social psychology, a new paper asks: What about last impressions? It argues that our memories can be governed more by how an experience ends than how it begins and how this relates to advertising and brand choices.

Also, a new report gives four ways in which new agile research approaches can drive innovation – vital in today’s fast-moving, shape-shifting world. Another report on unleashing a disruptive brand addresses the challenges of surviving in a transforming market.

Finally, a report on Foreign Countries and Kenya’s Development includes a wide-ranging demographic profile of Kenya and outlines what they think about foreign affairs.

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