Ipsos Update - September 2022

Ben Page opens this month’s edition of Ipsos Update with his reflections on a global environment of continued uncertainty. Between heatwaves and the continuing rise of inflation – a dark cloud overshadowing many of this month’s articles – consumer anxiety is evident. We also focus on creativity in advertising and learn how behavioural science can lead to more successful product testing, alongside new global surveys exploring the public’s views on the most trustworthy professions and the legal status of abortion.

Explore the full range of topics in our monthly round-up of the latest research and thinking from Ipsos around the world.

In this edition:

Global Inflation Monitor

Inflation is still the top concern among the public globally. This 28-country survey takes an in-depth look at the public's concerns, expectations, and perceptions of inflationary pressures.
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What Worries the World

Inflation is the world’s top concern for the fifth month in a row and has been increasing month-on-month for over a year now. Worry about climate change and Covid-19 has also grown since July.
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Spotlight on Inflation in the US

We review some of the best polls, reports and thought leadership on the topic of inflation, from a country facing a level of inflation not seen for four decades.
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Creativity is celebrated as the fuel of effective advertising, but it has a problem. Misfits argues that embracing the uncertainty of creativity when producing advertising is the most certain way to business returns.

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We’re More Than Our Senses

The principles of behavioural science have been insufficiently considered within product testing and development. We present a new framework for becoming more competitive in product design.
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Who are the Luxury Buyers?

We present our new segmentation of the luxury buyers, based on the motivational and attitudinal responses from over 73,000 affluent individuals from over 40 countries.
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Global Views on Abortion

Global support for the legal status of abortion in most, if not all, cases has slowly been increasing over the years. However, people in some countries are still firmly against the procedure.
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Global Trustworthiness Index 2022

Doctors, scientists, and teachers are the three most-trusted professions for the fourth consecutive year. This international survey examines the country-level differences.
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This month’s edition also features short articles on what makes Britons proud to be British, payment methods in Peru and a deep dive into global views on the climate emergency.

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