Ipsos Update - October 2022

Sustainability, inflation, healthcare… Ipsos Update explores the latest and greatest research & thinking on key topics from Ipsos around the world.

This month’s edition of Ipsos Update provides inspiration for businesses to grow, despite the uncertainty and challenges of the world today. We share insights on how to effectively advertise the sustainable aspects of your products or services, while our new video series explores how brands can communicate with consumers during the cost of living crisis.

We also take a deep dive into Indonesia, exploring how the country has emerged from the pandemic, analyse how advertising can be received differently across different cultures, and take a look at recent polling on the British Royal Family.

In this edition:

Global Health Service Monitor 2022

Our 34-country study examines the global public’s perceptions of the largest healthcare problems in their country, as well as how well-equipped they think  their healthcare service is to tackle them.
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What Worries the World

Our 29-country tracker finds that the level of concern about inflation is now double the level it was at the start of this year. Meanwhile, concern about coronavirus drops to its joint-lowest level.
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Sustainability and Advertising

Can sustainability and advertising ever become friends? Based on an analysis of 200 ads containing some sustainability messaging, we identify five key takeaways for creating successful, effective sustainability advertising.
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Cultural Intelligence

What do brands need to understand for their marketing efforts to successfully traverse international borders? We share our analysis of the dimensions of culture that are critical to take into account.
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Flair Indonesia

We reflect on how the world’s 4th most populous country has emerged from the Covid-19 pandemic, exploring how digitalisation and local brands have dominated Indonesian consumer preferences.
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Gen Z and the Metaverse

In partnership with Nokia, we surveyed Gen participants in Brazil, Korea, UAE, the UK, and the US - via the metaverse - to understand the role they want to play in its future.
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Spotlight on the British Royal Family

We share recent polling on British attitudes towards King Charles III, the conflicted attitudes of Canadians towards the British monarchy, and look back on royal polling over the course of Elizabeth II’s reign.

Inside Inflation - What Comms Next

In a new video series ‘Inside Inflation’, Ipsos experts draw on learnings from the pandemic to investigate how brands can communicate with consumers during a time of great strain.
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We also feature short articles on the shortage of cybersecurity skills in the GCC, a new 34-country survey on how the public expects climate change to affect them in the near future, and review our recent webinar ‘Global CX Voices’ sharing insights from global customer experience experts.