Ipsos NZ Infrastructure Survey Jan 2020

The Ipsos Global Advisor Study regularly asks respondents from around the world, including New Zealand, for their views on different topics. Recently, Ipsos conducted a study across 29 countries to explore the perceptions of the current infrastructure in different countries. In New Zealand, 561 people aged 18–74 participated in this survey and expressed their views regarding infrastructure in New Zealand.

The author(s)

  • Amanda Dudding Director, Public Affairs Research
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Over half of New Zealanders (55%) agree that we are not doing enough to meet the country’s infrastructure needs despite most (76%) agreeing that investing in infrastructure is vital to New Zealand’s future economic growth.

Other highlights from the key findings include:

  • Less than half of New Zealanders (46%) are satisfied with New Zealand’s national infrastructure.
  • The majority (89%) are satisfied with the current quality of our airports, well above the global average of 67%.
  • Only 29% of New Zealanders are satisfied with the new housing supply, below the global average of 43% and Australia at 52%.
  • Just 28% are satisfied with solar energy infrastructure, behind the Australian result of 40%, but not dissimilar to the global average of 33%.
  • Of all infrastructure types, New Zealanders are most likely to want new housing supply to be the government’s top priority (55%), followed by major and local road networks (46% and 41%, respectively).
  • Concerns around rising sea levels have increased overtime as 44% of New Zealanders believe that we are poorly equipped in terms of our defences against rising sea levels.

The author(s)

  • Amanda Dudding Director, Public Affairs Research

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