Ipsos Curation with Insight Cloud

Ipsos Curation brings together the best of human understanding with the latest technology, Insight Cloud, to curate data so your most valuable insights are ready when you need to make decisions and inspire ideas. It’s insights on demand.

What for?

There is more information than ever before and a growing need to move beyond simply information – to inspiration and action. Curation is the human layer of understanding to distill data from multiple sources into insights that can be applied to business questions. It humanises data so that you can understand, contextualise and apply it to make better, faster decisions, giving you:

  • Insights on demand: Keep insights and ideas alive and at your fingertips
  • Faster speed to market: Save time by knowing what you know – as content is saved for future re-use and inspiration
  • Cultivate a learning organisation: Grow your intelligence over time with your community of stakeholders
  • Crowdsource winning ideas: Share, ideate, co-create and collaborate in real time to inspire creativity and innovation

How it works?

Expert Ipsos Curators approach Curation with the lens of specific business challenges that can range from needing to deepen your understanding on a single topic, to continually build meta-insights and trends on strategic topics for one or more categories.
We distil insights from data across multiple sources to reveal the unseen, connect the dots, and tell stories that resonate and inspire action. Insights come to life in a rich, collaborative Insight Cloud – your online space to get inspired, co-create and activate. 

Why our solution is unique?

Ipsos has developed a Global Centre of Curation to bring together experts with a wide range of backgrounds, like analysts, strategic thinkers, ethnographers, behavioural scientists, semioticians, storytellers and designers. We use our CURATE framework to uncover and bring insights to life in a systematic, yet non-linear way; and our proprietary Insight Cloud technology so you can immerse, socialise and activate your insights.

For more information or to request a demo, please contact: [email protected]