Our history

1975 - 1982

Creation of a new vision and a unique tandem

Ipsos is founded by Didier Truchot in Paris, France. One goal: to work closely with its clients.

In 1982, Jean-Marc Lech joins Ipsos and becomes Co-President alongside Didier Truchot.

Logo Ipsos 1975

1983 - 1989

Ipsos becomes n° 5 in France

Ipsos Campaigns 1984

1990 - 1998

Expansion in Europe and in America

First acquisitions outside France; Ipsos becomes a European research company. 

Ipsos expands to North America and Latin America.

In Romania, Ipsos has been present since 1998 as MEMRB, a company of Consumer Research.

Ipsos Campaigns 1997

1999 - 2010

A multi specialist organisation

1999 Listing on the Paris Stock Exchange.

MEMRB was acquired by Synovate in 2002.

Ipsos Campaigns 2002

2011 - 2013

Synovate a major acquisition

The acquisition reinforces the position of Ipsos with the Big Four.

By joining Ipsos and Synovate globally, the Romanian subsidiary becomes one of the top players among local market research companies.
Since January 2012, the company's activity is divided between Ipsos Research (market research studies based on offline methodologies) and Ipsos Interactive Services, which, since 2000, has been the expert of the entire Ipsos group in online studies.




The « New Way »

To assist its client with their changes, Ipsos launches its New Way programme. 

Creation of Ipsos Foundation

Ipsos Campaigns 2014


1975-2015 40 years of existence

Ipsos adopts a new tagline “Game Changers”

Logo ipsos 2015