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Automotive and Mobility Development

Market Launch

Final product launch preparation post design freeze to validate product, target, pricing, and communication strategy.

Early launch assessment such as an accepter/rejecter study and pricing conjoint to review and finetune launch strategy to kick start product improvement for the next generations.

Accepter/Rejecter Study

Early buyers of the vehicle and its competitors (rejecters of test brand) can be engaged in an Accepters and Rejecters survey, in which their feedback is analysed to highlight reasons behind the gaps between expected and in-market performance, from both product and marketing perspectives.

Accepters & Rejecter studies can be completed online or in person with early buyers of a recently launched model and those of key competitors to understand their respective strengths and weaknesses from both a product and marketing point of view (communication, dealership experience, etc.). As an added module, qualitative discussion groups or online communities can take place to obtain more immersive insight.

Marketing Clinic

Taking place pre-launch and after design freeze, these vehicle clinics focus on the marketability of the new vehicle – on positioning, pricing, communication and with a final validation of design on perceived strengths and potential short-comings. The new products will typically be evaluated in a competitive context where relevant competitors are presented to make final marketing preparations prior to a vehicle launch.

Consumers are frequently invited to a venue for an in-person quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the new model along with key competitor models, while a modular, digital approach can also be an alternative. Consumers typically evaluate the new models’ exteriors, interiors or any additional HMI or product features that the clients deem important. Pricing conjoint would be an integral aspect of the research to understand price elasticity and competitiveness against competition from a price/sales potential perspective. Often, product and user imagery will also be included, and sometimes along with a storyboard for qualitative understanding.