First Impressions Matter

Understanding the power of spontaneous reactions to develop stronger innovations

It has been shown there are many factors that influence our impressions of people we meet for the first time. The attributes used to describe a person, their clothing, their physical attractiveness all strongly influence the first impressions we form. These impressions, in turn, influence subsequent behavior towards those people.

In First Impressions Matter, we show that the first impressions consumers form of a new product can determine whether they move forward to buy it or disengage completely. A good understanding of first impressions, therefore, is necessary for the innovation’s success.

We share new research into this topic and show how first impressions can provide insights into where to adapt communications or innovations to increase their success in market.

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Key Takeaways: 

picto1 Fulfill an unmet need – Otherwise consumers will see no need for your product or that there is nothing special
picto2 Understand if there are any negative barriers – Capturing “positives” is only half the picture. We need the full picture to drive success.
picto3 Dress for success – Leverage your package and product design to differentiate yourself
picto4 Be innovative – It is not enough to be new, different or interesting. Meet an unmet need in a truly different way.
picto5 Be clear – Insufficient information or vagueness will lead consumers to stay with the status quo


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