Ipsos MediaCT Launches PLSme!

Ipsos MediaCT Launches PLSme! A unique approach to measuring appeal, brand engagement and monetisation for media and content players.

Ipsos MediaCT today announced the launch of PLSme!, a unique research approach specifically developed for media and content brands to better understand audience behaviour, engagement and monetisation opportunities.

The PLSme! approach takes into account that media consumption behaviour needs to be measured differently from traditional consumer products because of the unique connections that they have with consumers.

PLSme! has three measures that assess the depth and nature of the consumer journey with these brands, they are called Pick Me!, Share Me! and Love Me! Pick Me! diagnoses the stand out factor and appeal of media and content brands; Love Me! diagnoses consumer engagement with those brands and Share Me! uses the diagnosis to build successful monetisation strategies around areas such as social media, apps and subscriptions.

“PLSme! is a world first research tool in that it brings together a multi-layered solution for media and content brands that have their own set of unique consumer behaviours”, Ipsos MediaCT Executive Director Kirsten Riolo said.

“It answers a real gap in the market, as there has been an absence in terms of taking research solutions which take into account all the information a marketer needs to improve brand appeal, connection and monetisation opportunities in one framework”.

The PLSme! tool is being rolled out globally by Ipsos MediaCT.

Ipsos MediaCT Global Head of Products and Knowledge, Gailynn Nicks, who is in Australia for the launch, said: “We have had requests from our media and content clients around the world for an approach that would help them better understand the drivers of content consumption and monetisation around enhanced brand metrics which included the key aspect of monetisation. So PLSme! was developed and makes sense to meet this client need”.

Riolo added: “We have definitely experienced the same sentiments and demand for a product like this in the Australian market and we’re pleased we are now able to keep continuity in the research for our global brands and also meet the needs of our local media and content clients”.

PLSme! Will launch today at the ADMA Global Forum, where Ipsos Media CT’s Gailynn Nicks will unveil the product.

Ipsos MediaCT specialises in media, content and technology research and its clients include Google, The Readership Works (emma survey) and Fairfax Media.

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