CSR: A Global Strategy or Market-tailored Approach?

CSR Webinar 2022 | Ipsos

Should a company have a global CSR strategy, or should the individual markets set their own priorities? What are the expectations of CE consumers from companies in different sectors? Should all companies go green at any cost? How should they communicate their effort to avoid greenwashing? Also, how important is CSR for potential employees?

Experts from Ipsos Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Austria will take you through the similarities and differences among the countries that you should watch-out for.

Examples and experience on implementing the CSR strategy into company business are going to be presented by our guest speakers:

  • Hana Wasserburger, Consulting Director, Lead for CZ, SK, HU, Visa,
  • Alice Machová, Partner, Climate Change and Sustainability Services, Ernst & Young.


The webinar is free for registered participants and is being held online in English.
The link to join is going to be sent to you the day before the event at the latest.
If you have any questions, please email [email protected].