Back to School: The Perspective of Parents, Students, and Teachers in the UAE

In the context of the fast-changing situation of “Back to School” in the UAE, we deployed social intelligence as a methodology to keep on top of the latest trends.

This report, generated by social intelligence includes the impact COVID-19 had and still has on different stakeholders in the UAE, including students, parents, and teachers.

Distance Learning

As the Coronavirus pandemic started with lots of ambiguity, many parents were worried about their children catching the virus. When virtual learning began, some parents were overwhelmed and concerned about their kids’ education and future, while others were adapting.

Tuition Fees

During complete lockdown, schools were shifted 100% to virtual learning, and parents did not understand why tuition needs to be paid fully. Moreover, some parents lost their jobs or received salary pay cuts making it difficult to pay tuition fees.

Grading System

Students graduating from public schools were surprised to see their last term’s marks drop, finding it unfair especially during an unexpected situation and needing to rapidly adapt to new learning methods.

When it comes to expectations and concerns for the academic year 2020-2021, although numbers were slowly decreasing at the start of school, parents were unable to understand the reason for their children to return to school. Social media platforms were filled with comments from frustrated parents. As a solution, some schools were able to accommodate parents’ needs depending on their situation (i.e. full time at school, hybrid, or only virtual learning)and tuition fees were reduced to further support parents.

As some parents remain anxious, others have decided to adapt to the current situation and send their children to school.

How Can Brands Help?

Monitoring the conversation online, the entities which were mentioned in the context of education the most are government bodies, GEMS Education and media and tech brands such as Youtube, Facebook and Google.

Taking into consideration the reality of the situation and concerns from all stakeholders involved in education, brands can play a major role.


For more details on tensions, behaviors and actions, the full report is available to download below.