[CASE] Bähncke: Pre-testing of ads

Discover here how we helped Bähncke test and optimise a TV ad for a new product.

Read the case in Danish.

Bähncke is the market leader in (fast food) dressings. Although Danes love classic remoulade and mayonnaise, the products contain high levels of calories and fat. This challenges the further growing number of consumers who demand healthier products. Bähncke KIKmayo and KIKremo are an answer to the double challenge; health and good taste! Chickpeas help to significantly reduce the fat of the products - without compromising on the familiar taste.

Ipsos has pre-tested a commercial using Creative | Spark. The test maps the advert’s ability to communicate the central message of a healthier version of a classic product. Although the results are good, the test also gives concrete recommendations on how the branding of Bähncke, especially, can be strengthened further.

The very positive results of the test confirmed that we have creatively put ourselves in the right place. But most importantly: we got a deep insight into ways to strengthen the advertising's "brand amplifiers" even more. In this way, the test has also given us important input to our overall brand strategy.

- Senior Brand Manager, Orkla Foods, Denmark


Bähncke Campaign Photo of KIKremo and KIKmayo | Ipsos | Case