Four ways to future-proof your brand during inflation

We already said marketing investments are the way to go. Here’s four we recommend.

Four ways to future-proof your brand during inflation | Ipsos Denmark


As inflation continues to dominate news headlines and boardroom agendas, many businesses tend to focus on the bottom line: reducing costs and raising prices. While this may alleviate business pressure in the short term, the risk is that it erodes the equity of brands in the long-term.

Especially in this time of economic uncertainty, it is critical that businesses and their brands take action today, that will ensure success for tomorrow. The following are four marketing initiatives that will contribute towards future-proofing any brand during these inflationary times:

  1. Strategically manage the full brand portfolio of premium and value brands
  2. Create accessible “ways in” to a brand to secure the customer base
  3. Show empathy
  4. Continue to innovate

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