Getting It Right: The Brand Strategy Podcast

A fortnightly podcast looking at all things brand strategy.

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Getting It Right aims to inspire listeners to think differently about brands, brand strategy and brand growth. Our goal in each fortnightly episode is to leave you with at least one inspiring idea to act differently when managing brands.

Episode 3: Distinctive Brand Assets

In episode three, Douwe and Chris discuss new thinking on distinctive brand assets with Hazel Freeman, Global BHT Service Line Offer and Design Director at Ipsos, and Adam Sheridan, Global Head of Products and Innovation, Creative Excellence at Ipsos. Listen to the episode here.
To learn more about unlocking the power of distinctive brand assets read Adam’s paper on the topic.

Getting It Right | Distinctive Brand Assets


Episode 2: Consumer Consciousness

In episode two, our hosts, Douwe Rademaker and Chris Murphy, speak to Daan Versteeg, Country Manager of Ipsos in the Netherlands, about consumer consciousness, the new data-driven consumer centricity framework and its impact on brand building. Listen to the episode here.
To learn more about this topic read Douwe and Dan’s paper, Consumer Consciousness: A new survival strategy in an increasingly volatile world.

Episode 1: Anticipating fluid times through multi-scenario brand strategies

Welcome to our first episode of Getting It Right, recorded March 2021. This week, our hosts, Douwe Rademaker and Chris Murphy, sit down with Seth Traum, Managing Partner, Strategy 3, Ipsos in North America, to discuss implementing dynamic brand strategy and how to get it right. Listen to the episode here. 

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