Signals #9: Understanding the coronavirus crisis

This ninth edition of our Signals digest brings together Ipsos’ latest research on coronavirus from our teams around the world.

Things are moving on: we have witnessed the progression from outbreak to pandemic, the imposition of lockdowns in many countries and, now, the gradual re-opening of society and the economy. At the same time, the renewed outbreaks and return to lockdown conditions we see in some parts of the world serve as a reminder that we remain in very dynamic and uncertain territory.

The latest edition of Signals presents new research from our teams around the world, drawing on our global polling, social listening data and expert analysis. Our focus is on understanding the dimensions of the current situation as we start to adapt to new realities.

This is the final edition of the current series in this format; the forthcoming tenth edition will provide an index to the story so far.

You can download previous editions of Signals from the dedicated Signals hub page.

This edition features:

  • Points of view – In our new paper, Adapting product testing in challenging times, Ipsos’ Innovation research experts outline how our approaches to product testing have been adapted to meet the new challenges brought about by the pandemic. Meanwhile, The role of culture in a global crisis looks at how shared values shape individual behaviour and why now is a great time for brands to explore cultural drivers.
  • Research insights – The travel and hospitality industries have been hit especially hard by COVID-19 and the outlook for the future is mixed at best. Our What the Future travel report explores the near future patterns, drawing on the data and consumer behaviours that will shape their recovery.
  • The public mood – Our 26-country cost of living survey reveals three in five people believe the overall cost of food, goods and services have increased for them and their families since the outbreak of the coronavirus. Meanwhile, in our latest social listening analysis, we examine the online conversations in China, France and the US.
  • Country insights –2020 has seen ongoing crises across Australia – from the bushfires at the start of the year to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our latest Australia Ipsos Issues Monitor reveals what Australians are most concerned about, and what’s changing. Meanwhile, this report from our team in Saudi Arabia examines public expectations surrounding the impact of COVID-19, including a look at how long people think it will take for different aspects of life to return to normal. Finally we turn the spotlight to the US where, as new coronavirus cases spike and the 2020 presidential election nears, new polling finds COVID-19 to be the top political issue for Americans, with racial inequality emerging as the fastest-growing concern.