Ipsos Update

Millennials in Pakistan

This special study sheds new light on Pakistan’s millennials - one of the country’s most important and disruptive consumer segments.

Ipsos Update - June 2018

Welcome to Ipsos Update – our monthly selection of research and thinking from Ipsos teams around the world. June’s edition features new papers on shopper behaviour and the value of reputation, as well as global surveys on socialism, summer holiday plans and the Royal Family.

“Moodvertising” during the World Cup

Why is the mood of the crowd so important? How can it influence the ROI of your advertising?

Consumer Book of Pakistan 2014-15

As one of the least documented economies in the world, but with a population of 180 million across 500 cities and 45,000 villages, the Consumers Book of Pakistan realises the need for authentic data for such a big and diverse market.

The Evolution of Shopper Behaviour

Brands need to connect with shoppers in the moments that matter most.

Cognitive Battlefield - Part I: A Framework for Assessing Optimal Engagement Strategies

The amount and pace of verbal and written information that people exchange every day has increased dramatically over the past decade. A major question of our time is how does this information influence people’s attitudes, behaviours and decision-making?

Unlocking the Value of Reputation

The definitive link between corporate reputation and better business efficiency.

Ipsos Update - May 2018

May’s edition includes new papers on viewability and modern partisanship, as well as global studies on ‘natural’ food, self-driving cars and societal divides.

Ipsos in Pakistan Presents Millennials

MENA's most comprehensive syndicated study on Generation Y.

A Dull Category Doesn’t Have to Mean Dull Ads

Transforming adversity into a creative opportunity.