Innovation and Forecasting | Ipsos

Innovation and Forecasting

To evaluate, screen and forecast your innovations and optimise their appeal.

For your innovation pipeline we offer a suite of solutions grounded in Real Insights from Real People to:

  • evaluate, test and prioritise ideas, claims and visuals;
  • identify the best positioning for your brand;
  • manage your product portfolio;
  • explore business models;
  • understand true incrementality;
  • evaluate the brand fit;
  • carry out concept testing to assess the size of the prize;
  • simulate in-market scenarios;
  • assess post-launch performance.

Forecasting can be provided at any stage. All services are offered for consumer goods categories, durable products and digital innovations and services.

Our unique innovation philosophy enables evaluation through a consumer lens (relevance, expensiveness and differentiation) and a competitive lens (comparing innovations to competition, defined by consumers most often purchased product). Grounded in behavioural science, we incorporate factors such as gain/loss aversion and follow the consumer decision journey.

In 40 years, we have tested over 100,000 innovations and forecasted over 19,000. We also have the world’s largest key metrics database beyond consumer goods. Our experience enables us to deliver accurate forecasts, validated to an average of ± 9%.