Ipsos Update - August 2018

Welcome to Ipsos Update – our monthly selection of research and thinking from Ipsos teams around the world. August’s edition features new papers on cultural bias, electric vehicles and Gen Z, as well as global reports on healthcare and human rights.

This month we start with Generation Z, the focus of much attention and often wild speculation. This latest thought piece from Ipsos Thinks pulls together new research and analysis to provide a better understanding of the lives and choices of Gen Z, including their differences and similarities to previous generations.

Next up, Understanding Cultural Bias examines what needs to be addressed in response to the risk of cultural bias when designing and analysing international research projects, and how doing so can ultimately improve an organisation's Return on Customer Experience Investment (ROCXI).

Staying on the theme of customer experience, this new paper on automotive mystery shopping explores what an automotive mystery shopping programme should focus on, as well as demonstrating how well-designed mystery shopping programmes can enhance value, improve quality and increase return on investment for some of the most successful automotive organisations in the world.

The automotive industry is also the topic of our latest Ipsos Views paper, The Future of Mobility – Electrification. In this paper, we analyse the results of interviews with car owners across nine different markets to learn more about consumers’ thoughts on electric and hybrid vehicles – one of today’s key mobility trends.

Meanwhile, just four in ten people believe everyone in their country enjoys the same basic human rights, according to the latest 28-country Global Advisor poll, casting doubt over how universal human rights actually are.

In another global poll, this time exploring public attitudes on healthcare, we discover that less than half of citizens rate the quality of the healthcare in their country as “good”. This comprehensive study covers personal health, technology, information and future expectations.

Turning the spotlight to Russia, this latest TrendVision report sheds light on the country's current social and economic situation, examining key demographic data and consumer behaviour to forecast possible future trends.

Finally, now more than ever, customers have a powerful influence on their relationship with brands. In this thought piece on customer centricity, we set out six simple and decisive principles for brands to follow in order to be successful and secure their future growth.