Future of Insights

Ipsos’ Future of Insights series examines the various ways the insight function is transforming and how to elevate its impact.

Against the backdrop of the pandemic and the need to understand the changing dynamics of consumer attitudes and behaviours, there is a real opportunity for the insight function to transform and elevate.

Shaped by Ipsos’ Global Client Organisation, the Future of Insights series is based on the very rich discussions we have been having with our clients globally about how organisations are evolving to harness the power of data and technology for better insights.

Transforming the Insight Function | IpsosTransforming the Insight Function

We are witnessing some insight leaders taking a strong and strategic lead within their organisation, addressing challenges, and giving clear guidance to their business. Advanced insight teams can establish a culture of agility, encouraging “sprint” approaches, insights on demand and experimenting with real-time data. They are also uniquely placed to democratise knowledge and recommendations through collaborative platforms.

The first paper in our series presents an overview of what we have learned from talking and working with hundreds of clients across many industries and sets out what we believe are actions that can be most instrumental in supporting the transformation of the insight function. We also summarise the key steps in the transformation process and explore what organisations should have in place to successfully inspire and implement tangible action. 

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Value of Insights | IpsosValue of Insights: Moving to Impact

Insight teams are facing increased demand from users to deliver on value. On one hand, this presents a risk of being subservient to technology and becoming a commodity, while, on the other, it offers an opportunity to give a renewed enthusiasm for insights, wherever they come from – data or survey – and present them as an essential source for driving innovations and improving services.

The second paper in our series sets out some ideas on how we can demonstrate the impact insights have on business and how we can improve the recognition of it by our business partners. This paper is organised in two parts; part one examines when and how we can quantify the impact insights have on the business, while part two articulates some of the actions that insight teams can implement to increase their value within their organisation, even when absolute quantification may not be simple. 

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Future of Insights | Harnessing the power of data | IpsosHarnessing the Power of Data

We have seen much evidence that companies can enhance productivity and human-centricity through data and analytics. From our interviews with clients, we found companies that are at the forefront of data and analytics have placed a strong priority on developing and nurturing their data ecosystems. Many companies are creating new roles, structures, and ways of organising themselves to best leverage their data and analytics resources.

The third paper in our series explores the various approaches in how companies structure their data and analytics teams, the challenges they face in doing so, and the different paths available to create value and drive human-centricity.

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