Generation Ipsos our graduate program

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Generation Ipsos starts with a training track of two weeks, which is designed to engage and develop young graduates who are passionate to develop their long-term career in research industry. In this program new employees get to know exactly what Ipsos is about and get to be fully immersed in the world of market research. Employees will go through various learning activities including classroom trainings, coaching, and most importantly the on-the-job training. After this training track, you will start working in your team. In these first months, you will get the chance to learn from more experience colleagues and get feedback from senior colleagues on your work. 


Proud to be Ipsos



As a Research Executive:

  • You are interested in the current society, you like to go into the how and the why (not) of consumer behavior
  • You can translate the needs and expectations of clients to a research set-up, and you develop a proposal for the customer
  • You like being challenged with new ideas and possibilities
  • You take responsibility for the management and the execution of the different steps in a research project like for instance draft and develop questionnaires, the analysis and delivery of actionable insights.
  • You want to create direct business impact
  • You want to become a business leader of the future


How do I apply?

Upload your cv en motivation letter here


Curiousity for Development?

An internship with Ipsos means so much more than a simple first exploration of business life. Real job responsibility means a real learning opportunity which you carry with you when your career begins.

We regularly have opportunities for internships. Are you ready to put your knowledge into practice? Then contact us!


LinkedIn testimonial


LinkedIn testimonial