Ipsos Update – May 2023

Generations, corporate purpose, climate change… Ipsos Update explores the latest and greatest research & thinking on key topics from Ipsos teams around the world.

In this edition of Ipsos Update, we explore the power of using a generational lens to understand demographic changes, the opportunities and implications of advances in Generative AI, and the future trends of digital and connected health.

With Earth Day 2023 in mind, we place a spotlight on the environment, examining global public opinion on the fight against climate change, as well as how Europeans balance the need to transition to clean energy with the risk that the transition may create or increase social inequalities.

We also travel the globe to explore the latest findings from Ipsos in different countries; take a look at a selection below:

In this edition:

We Need to Talk About Generations

Using a generational lens is an effective way of understanding how and why societies and consumers change – but much current analysis is misleading or wrong. We set out the Ipsos point of view.
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Earth Day 2023

Our 29-country survey finds global opinion divided on whether now is the right time to invest in measures to reduce climate change, given the current tough economic conditions.
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Exploring the Changing AI Landscape

While the domain of Generative AI has been growing in recent years, ChatGPT broke through as the first “mass” Generative AI application. We review the opportunities this technology offers.
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What The Future – Purpose

With polycrisis and political polarisation on the horizon, the future of purpose is at a crossroads. We share how brands can make a difference and a profit in a world of competing issues.
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Digital Doctor 2023

This 20-country study examines the views of primary care physicians (PCPs) towards digital and connected health, providing a comprehensive view of digital behaviour and trends.
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What Worries the World

While still the world’s top worry, concern about inflation seems to be stabilising – albeit at a historical high. Meanwhile, coronavirus worry falls again, dropping to 17th out of 18 issues.
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A Just Transition

This survey of ten European countries reveals levels of concern and commitment to climate change, as well as opinion surrounding the challenges of a fair and just transition to clean energy.
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When and How to Speak Up

In 2023, corporate leaders are finding that “taking a stand” on a range of issues is a high stakes game. We share five pieces of actionable guidance for maximising opportunity and limiting risk.
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Also find short articles on the power empathy has to transform insights,  the latest Ipsos Global Consumer Confidence Index, and the effectiveness of early warning systems in Ukraine.