Ipsos platinum sponsor at MIE 2018

This year we are once again platinum sponsor of MIE - the annual Dutch Marketing and Insights conference. As a platinum sponsor we will showcase the latest technical innovations relevant for market research and we will give two inspiring lectures. MIE takes place on 31 January and 1 February at Media Plaza in Utrecht.

Ipsos platinum sponsor at MIE 2018

Theme of MIE 2018 is The Snowball Effect of Marketing, Insights & Analytics. How do you find your way across more and more information, how do you convert your analysis into insights and how do you ensure that every marketing effort will spur a snowball effect? 

Our theme: Where technology meets humanity
Everything is now so focused on digital, being so easy and convenient, that by the end of 2020 it seems that there will hardly be any human interaction left. We take a closer look at these technological trends and see how they reshape us. We also must understand what these trends mean for brands and brand measurement. But above all, market research is about people and should therefore be both ‘tech’ and personal.

Our chalets
At one of our chalets we focus on human interaction. Please join us here for a drink and a snack and get to know more about us.
The other chalet is all about the use of technology in Market Research. We will showcase how text analytics and market research know-how can extract the broadest insights from data.

We will also introduce you to the Beam-Pro: the ultimate example of convergence between tech and human. Using the Beam Pro, you can ‘beam’ into anywhere in the world remotely. It allows you to interact with remote locations by using high-end video and audio and the ability to control movement in a chosen location.

Our lectures
We are hosting three lectures this year:

1. Technology comes to shape us. Let’s act on it!

Colin Strong, Global Head of Behavioral Science at Ipsos
31st of January, Round 2, 10.45-11.30h

Technology has a massive impact on how we think about our world. The printing press for instance moved us from an oral tradition where stories were shared, to one where knowledge is consumed individually. Exploring the way in which digital technology shapes us is important if we are to understand consumer decision-making. What are these trends that are reshaping our minds and what do they mean for brands as well as measurement?

Click here to read our most recent publication on this subject.

2. What is good ethnography, and why do it at all? 

Mark Coleran, Senior Insight Manager at Vocalink, a Mastercard company

Lucy Neiland, Senior Ethnographer at Ipsos

Hugh Good, Director Ipsos Qualitative research
1st of February, Round 2, 10.45-11.30h

People can’t be trusted.  There is a disconnect between what they say they do, think they do, and what they actually do. This is why observing behaviours in context is so important for clients. During this session, Ipsos will bring to life the benefits of ethnography. We will discuss a recent project commissioned by Vocalink – the payment technology provider – where ethnography was instrumental to their business development, revealing the story behind the statistics and lives as they are really lived in an age of rapid technological change.

3. Millenials, Myths and Realities

Bobby Duffy, Managing Director of the Ipsos Social Research Institute
1st of February, Round 3, 12.00 - 12.45h
Millennials are everywhere and you will have heard plenty of stories, claims, articles and rants about them - some true, some false and some somewhere in between. At Ipsos we completed a major review of all the claims and evidence around Millennials we could find and sorted them into myths and realities. How about you? Do you know myth from reality? Millennial from empty stereotype? Join this vibrant presentation and find out.
Also see our most recent publication on this subject.