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On 5 and 6 February the annual MIE conference took place in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht. At our booth we demonstrated our new DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Research tool. During our lectures we brought you up to speed about how to seduce the intuitive mind with your brand and innovations and talked about ‘digital engagement', and what brands can learn from the success of Fortnite.

Country Manager Daan Versteeg describes why vitality, the theme of MIE 2020, is so relevant and what it means for the future of market research. 

Interesting RoundTable discussions

Ipsos DIY Research

Positive evaluation of Ipsos' DIY Research!

Doing online market research, yourself, without having to recruit respondents. The participants to our RoundTable discussions were quite happy about that idea. The discussions resulted in several interesting insights:

  1. Especially for smaller companies with a limited research budget DIY Research turns out to be an excellent solution.
  2. Large organizations that want to work agile are also happy with the tool, because it makes market research accessible to many more (marketing) employees.   
  3. The power of DIY Research lies within the built-in samples. The more specific they are the better!


View this video of Eric Landwaart being interviewed about Ipsos DIY and the RoundTable discussions about it.


Read all about Ipsos’ DIY Research on our webpage or get started right away with the tool. For any questions, please contact Eric Landwaart.


Hosted by:

Eric Landwaart

Eric Landwaart

Chief Client Officer at Ipsos

In October 2007 Eric joined GfK, which was partly taken over by Ipsos in 2018. He played a key role in the transition of 50 new colleagues from GfK to Ipsos. Eric has a clear perspective on how Ipsos can make their clients stronger and more future-oriented. He brings this knowledge from his broad background in research and commercial responsibilities in market research in different industries.


Inspiring presentations

Digital Engagement

Download the slides!


Digital engagement: what brands can learn from Fortnite

How come Fortnite is so successful in engaging its players? During his presentation qualitative researcher Steven Johnson talked passionately about this and invited attendees to think about what brands can learn from that. Would you like to know more about this subject? Download the paper Fortnite shaking the media and entertainment industry or send your question to Rozemarijn Landeweerd.


Presented by:

Stephen Johnson

Stephen Johnson

Head of Qualitative Capabilities at Ipsos

Stephen is  head of Qualitative Capabilities within the Ipsos Media Development team, specialised in Media, Technology and Kids studies. Having 15 years’ of experience, he works together with some of the world’s leading media and tech brands to understand their audience and how they can optimise their content and products.


Stop scraping, Start digging! How to seduce the intuitive mind with your brand and innovations – with a SPA ‘flavour’

The attendees to this presentation learned everything about how consumers make intuitive choices and how brands can influence this – just like SPA did. Would you like to know more about this topic? Download the slides or contact Patricia Verhoelst.


Presented by:

Cristiana Caldarelli

Cristiana Caldarelli

Associate Research Director Innovation at Ipsos
+31 20 6070 723

Cristiana has over 10 years’ experience in transforming consumer insights into successful innovations for her clients. She is an expert in the domain of the drivers for innovation in the full development trajectory: from identifying profitable opportunities, screening and optimizing the mix, to predicting the sales potential and optimisation for the launch.

Patricia Verhoelst

Patricia Verhoelst

Associate Research Director Market Strategy and Understanding at Ipsos
+31 20 6070 811

Patricia started her career at the Censydiam institute, specialised in revealing deeper human needs, and has evolved into an expert in complex consumer segmentations and strategic brand growth studies. She is passionate about consumer behaviour, how their minds work and especially how brands can influence this and optimize their strategy. Over the past 12 years, she assisted different international clients in optimizing their brand growth strategy by unravelling the consumer’s needs.

Remco de Feijter

Remco de Feijter

Senior Brand manager at Spa NL

During his whole career Remco has worked in the beverages industry. An incredibly fascinating branch, as everyone around the world gets in touch with beverages several times per day. What drives the consumer in these daily decision moments and how we can bring brands and products to life that best fit these consumers are the fundamental questions driving him every day.