Financial Research Survey (FRS)

The definitive market measurement study of consumer finance

What is it? 

The Financial Research Survey (FRS) is one of the largest and longest-running surveys tracking personal financial holdings, acquisitions, usage and behaviours. It is considered the 'currency' for financial market research data and the industry benchmark.

The survey covers the main financial retail markets, including: banking, savings and investments, lending, insurance and retirement planning. It builds a complete picture of the financial portfolio held by consumers at an individual level, plus a wealth of demographic data.

Running since 1977, the FRS is the most robust, accurate and trusted survey of its kind.

How it works

The survey comprises an innovative, hybrid methodology that combines the face-to-face and online interviewing of 60,000 adults (aged 16+) across Great Britain every year. Data is continuously collected and reported each month, ensuring our clients always have a concurrent and accurate picture of the marketplace. 
There are a number of ways to access the FRS, including:

  • Annual subscription – monitor ongoing measures and/or regularly use the most up-to-date information 
  • Syndicated 'off-the-shelf' market reports – gain insight into particular markets, customer sets or personal financial services issues
  • Bespoke analysis commissioning – answer and analyse one-off queries that cannot be predicted in advance

Why it's unique

The FRS provides a single-source dataset of financial information which can be mined in an almost infinite variety of ways and used to gain insight into:

  • Market size and structure
  • Customer segmentation
  • Opportunity identification
  • New product performance
  • Channel strategy and optimisation
  • Market-share analysis
  • Customer value
  • Share of wallet
  • Peer-group benchmarking
  • Loyalty driver analysis

The Financial Research Survey is subscribed to by most of the UK’s major providers of financial services, while its custom-build structure means it can benefit organisations of every size.

Contact us to see how the FRS can definitively measure the areas of financial services that matter to your organisation.

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