Ipsos unveils the top ten Influential Brands in the UK

Ipsos is proud to announce the results of the first annual Influential Brands study at the Soho Hotel, London.

Ipsos is proud to announce the results of the first annual Influential Brands study at the Soho Hotel, London. The event unveiled the most influential brands in the UK and ranked the top ten.

Google were announced as the most influential brand in the UK and additionally the most influential brand globally. According to the findings, Google is perceived as a leading edge brand which has changed forever the consumer landscape, a trustworthy brand which is continuing to get better.

In the top ten, Google is followed by Amazon in second, Microsoft, BBC and eBay, Apple are sixth, with Facebook, Marks and Spencer, Royal Mail and Visa completing the top ten.

The measures of influence

The Influential Brands Study revealed five key dimensions that define and drive influence for the most influential brands in UK and the world. Each plays a different role and depending on the brand, a driver for one brand may not be a driver for another. On the whole, an influential brand must be perceived to be trustworthy, engaging, leading edge, must possess great presence and demonstrate good corporate citizenship. The study proved that all the top ten brands have excelled at building influence and in turn market share.

Influence around the world

The initiative was conducted in eight other markets: USA, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany and China, using exactly the same approach as the UK study. In aggregate, these nine markets represent 53 per cent of global GDP, more than half of the world's economy.

Gareth Jones, head of the Influential Brands study in the UK said:

“All of the brands that we work with are faced with the challenge of building influence. We know it is important as it links directly to market share. There is no single way to build influence. The key components are trustworthiness, engagement, leading edge, presence and corporate citizenship. The learnings from the most influential brands in the UK are to constantly strive to understand people, innovate and adapt to change, and to use technology to shape behaviour. I’m pleased to announce that Google is this year's leading example - not only in the UK but in developed markets globally.”

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