MediaCell is a versatile solution with a number of potential applications.

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What is it for?

MediaCell provides passive audience and media measurement at an affordable price. Our solutions challenge the established business models offering greater scale for better value, enabling clients to understand their consumers, whether in terms of their cross media consumption or exposure to advertising.

How it works?

At the core of MediaCell is the importance of building solutions around the people we want to measure. After all, audience measurement is people measurement.

Our solutions are designed to keep this in mind and provide the most passive and simple respondent and panellist experience, which in turn leads to the best measurement.

MediaCell software enables us to measure what consumers are exposed to, whether that is: the radio, TV viewing, cinema, or anything that contains audio. This enables us to measure the size of audiences for media, channels, programmes, or commercials. It also enables us to measure cross-media behaviour.

It is a passive technology application which fits inside everyday consumer devices, like smartphones or tablets, transforming them into powerful meters. This approach keeps the people, i.e. our panellists, at the core of our measurement solutions, recognising the importance of using measurement tools that are already part of consumers’ lives.

We use software solutions which makes electronic measurement affordable and scalable.


Why our solution is unique?

Personal Meters: installed on a smartphone, either self-installed by the respondents or Ipsos provided, MediaCell enables the tracking of all audio content (TV, radio, cinema, etc.) to which the respondent is exposed. It can track media consumption across channels or can be used to track commercial campaigns across media (MediaCell for Advertisers). All respondents need to do is carry their phone and keep it charged.

At the heart of its design is the focus of remembering that it is people we are trying to measure and building our solution around them. Its affordability, passive nature, and scalability mean that it can fit into many research or other commercial designs. 


Staying ahead of the curve and COVID-19

With so much going on and the future looking fuzzy, this is a time to measure more, not less. Broadcasters need to investigate alternative, virus-resistant methods to keep abreast of rapid global change and to ensure they are equipped to cope with future disruptions.

MediaCell transforms household devices into powerful meters. It is remotely and securely installed on the smartphones and other devices used by panellists It then detects exposure to television and radio content, as well as what is accessed on these devices via apps and URLs.

The whole process is carried out remotely. This includes recruiting and on-boarding the panel, collecting the data, and managing the panel day-to-day. So, while much of the world remains in lockdown, minute-by-minute data on TV viewing and radio listening and second-by-second tracking of online behaviour continues to be delivered.

Read more about how MediaCell can help you during the COVID-19 pandemic here.


More information

For more information as to how MediaCell can help you understand the audience to your media or commercial content, we will be delighted to help.

  • For more information about media and cross media audience measurement, please contact Jim Ford
  • For commercial campaign tracking, MediaCell for Advertisers, please contact us here.
The author(s)
  • Jim Ford Audience Measurement

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