Overnight Omnibus Research Solutions

Ipsos's overnight omnibus research solutions allow you to react fast to your burning questions, competitor activity and market events and to make decisions based on consumer input rather than on guesstimates, without jeopardising your speed to market.

Client context

I-Instant is one of Ipsos’ overnight omnibus research solutions.  It allows you to react fast to your burning questions, competitor activity and market events and to make decisions based on consumer intelligence.

I-Instant results are available quicker thanks to our efficient processes and automation employed at setup, fieldwork or data delivery.  This fast turnaround omnibus research solution is driven by our device agnostic approach, which ensures we can capture responses from those ‘always on’, no matter where they are.

I-Instant is ideal for:

  • Exploring or understanding specific issues, usage, behaviour, feelings, etc.
  • Testing a hypothesis, or screening alternative choices
  • Getting input into the development of consumer insights
  • Getting spontaneous reactions to products, media etc.
  • Understanding reactions to an event, a crisis, etc.
  • Monitoring competitor activity, and more …

National representative sample up to 500 interviews.

Up to 15 mobile friendly questions units asked among the Ipsos panelists (or high-quality preferred panel providers where Ipsos panels are not available).

It is currently available in 50+ countries. Europe, North Americas, Latin Americas, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa.

Results delivery
In 2 – 3 days

Delivering results
Within hours or days – depending on countries and needs.

Our Solutions

Benefits when using I-Instant:

  • speed of turnaround with its overnight fieldwork and device agnostic approach
  • ability to launch into field on any day
  • flexibility - fieldwork is exclusive and not shared with any other client
  • choice in the sample size (up to 500) and definition (from 60% incidence rate according to country)
  • opportunity to test visuals - (material is needed one day in advance)
  • assurance and confidence in data quality.

Request an Omnibus Survey Quote

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Case studies

To feed into their new product development process, a manufacturer of beauty products wished to conduct a name test to discover what female consumers thought would be the most appropriate name for a new make-up remover product they were looking to bring to market. As the data was required for a meeting the following day, a standard online omnibus approach would not have sufficed. In its place, Ipsos was able to offer the client use of its I-Instant service, which allowed for a nationally representative sample of c. 1,000 women in Great Britain to be interviewed overnight and data tables to be provided 24 hours after agreement of the questionnaire. Together with qualitative research the client had previously carried out, the data allowed the manufacturer to gauge which of the six possible names tested fit the product best.

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