Super Bowl 2024 Ad Winners

Beyond Likeability to What Actually Worked

Super Bowl 2024 Ad Winners

Beyond Likeability To What Actually Worked

Live-streamed Conversation:
2024 Super Bowl

Marketers from Nestle, TikTok and SeeHer join Ipsos to discuss who really won the Big Game this year: the advertisers who were most effective! Unlike the game itself, there isn’t just one winner among the commercials, because they aren’t all trying to do the same thing. That’s why we don’t reduce the analysis to a simple ranking based on likes or stars. Instead we conduct a robust analysis combining a variety of methods to showcase what the best marketers each did to be effective, both in their traditional spots and in other activations too.

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How Brands Can
Work with TikTok

TikTok has spawned a whole cottage industry of creators and how-tos to feed a narrative that there is a specialism to making effective spots for TikTok. Ipsos researchers set out to investigate that hypothesis by testing a selection of recent TikTok ads, using predictive measures of in-market effects, and comparing what we found with principles of how advertising works. In this paper, we take you through ways that ads need to embrace the unique characteristics of TikTok and look at how advertising fundamentals still apply.

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These were the 15 best Super Bowl ads in 2024.

Ipsos analysed Super Bowl 2024 ads through both traditional and cutting-edge methods – from surveys to social listening to live communities – to provide a more robust and nuanced picture of success. Here are the Ipsos Creative Excellence Awards for the top performers in Super Bowl LVII.

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What Super Bowl Advertisers Can Learn From Taylor Swift

Take a look at this insightful article about how brands can dial up their empathy to drive more effective creative. Less than half of the viewers of this year’s game agreed that advertisers in the Super Bowl “understand me and my life”. Piling on more glitz and gimmicks will only get advertisers so far because the upside sits on the other side of the equation. Smart brands should focus on building empathy through better creative strategy to enhance effectiveness, for the Super Bowl and beyond.

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