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Total Operations

Total Operations

Total Operations is Ipsos’ Respondent Access and Data Collection Centre of Excellence.

Total Operations provides global access to respondents regardless of mode of data collection with the highest levels of quality, security, speed and cost-efficiency to ensure Ipsos can achieve its goal of providing total understanding of society, markets and people.

Total Operations supports all phases of research design, execution and delivery, including research design consultancy, questionnaire programming, translation, sampling, field coordination, data-processing and visualisation. Our global footprint includes expert operational hubs in all major regions to deliver local and global research programmes.

Supporting quick and secure access to respondents, Total Operations provides access to respondents across 140+ countries and all continents. Our breadth of support is truly omnichannel and mode agnostic, from online and mobile to face-to-face and telephone interviewing.

  • The global network of Ipsos’ i-Say panels is one of the largest online and mobile networks with panels in 50+ markets, offering in-depth profiling of key target groups. In addition, our capabilities include real-time and intercept sampling together with programmatic access to respondents from our globally approved panel partners.
  • As of 2020, we offer a Contactless Mixed Mode approach to in-person interviewing, whereby surveys have been deconstructed into their recruitment and interview phase and can be completed at a safe physical distance. Contactless Mixed Mode is powered by iField, Ipsos’ fully integrated CAPI (Computer-Assisted Personal interview) scripting, and field management platform which also includes mobile first capabilities such as GPS, video and audio capture.
  • In addition, we offer a global network of face-to-face interviewers that also conduct interviews using iField.
  • Our CATI (Computer-Assisted Telephone Interview) network is the largest global network, capturing more telephone interviews annually than any other research company. As of 2020, Ipsos now offers CATI@Home via iField to facilitate Contactless Mixed Mode and to support the appropriate physical distancing of CATI staff.
  • Our custom panels team works with clients who want to gather insights from key consumer segments on a regular and ongoing basis through a fit-for-purpose approach to development.

Ipsos believes that mixed-mode data collection is the future. To support this vision, we constantly invest in innovative and automated approaches to data collection, irrespective of mode, leveraging technology, data partnerships and mobile first survey designs, to engage and interact with people in a way that aligns with our digital reality. Our surveys offer modern modules including geo-tracking, passive metering, video response capture, as well as artificial intelligence and natural language processing to leverage voice systems.

A rigorous research on research program is the foundation ensuring we provide total access to respondents everywhere. The program is focused on offering operational insight into how best to access respondents, keep them highly engaged with innovative and modern research capabilities, and ensure the appropriate survey behaviour. Our research on research further supports Total Operations’ global sample quality assurance program to ensure the best quality data to support decision making irrespective of market.

At Ipsos, standards matter. Against the backdrop of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and similar legislation in other markets, Ipsos has implemented a Global Data Protection and Privacy Policy across all its operations to ensure we lead on all dimensions of maintaining respondent privacy. In addition, ISO standards confirm that Total Operations is compatible and consistent, adhering to the industry’s codes of contact, to provide reliable and accurate data, with transparency.