The Lift & Co Cannabis Conference

Ipsos is pleased to be presenting at The Lift & Co. Cannabis Business Conference – an event featuring leading experts from across the industry tackling uniquely Canadian issues. This exclusive, all-day conference starts off with a dynamic panel discussion exploring the future of cannabis growth. As the Canadian cannabis industry evolves into a mature CPG ecosystem, simply providing good products and services won’t be enough - to grow in this new environment cannabis companies will need a data-drive foundation. Ipsos’ Michael Rodenburgh and his co-panelists will show you why the role that data, in its myriad forms, will play in the near future. From market research, to supply chain management, to consumer insights, cannabis organizations will have to use never-before-available data to achieve unprecedented growth expectations.

On day 2 of the conference, Michael returns to discuss Leveraging Data to Consumer Insights. As the industry evolves from a rogue collection of disparate growers to a mature CPG industry it will require strong market research, consumer data, and brand segmentation. This session will tap into veteran market researchers, data experts, and licensed producers to explore the unique data challenges facing cannabis companies - and how to overcome them. Learn how you can unlock key insights, discover market gaps, and build better consumer products by leveraging the large amounts of untapped data generated by the cannabis industry.

For more conference and registration details, please visit the Lift website.

Speakers :

  • Michael Rodenburgh, Executive Vice President, Canada

Media & Brand communication