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Turn multiple data sources into compelling, actionable, in-context insights.

Businesses today are bombarded with information – it is truly the times of infobesity in which it’s challenging to draw meaningful conclusions and actions across multiple data sets.

Make faster, more informed decisions by curating all available data and communicating insights and priorities to stakeholders throughout the organisation.

Ipsos’ Curation service provides consumer-centric insights by synthesising multiple data sources and delivering rich storytelling to inspire activation. It addresses business questions not in isolation, but within the broader context and reveal the ‘why’ and ‘what to do next’ behind the data. You’ll get:

  • better, more actionable insights by analysing data within a broader context;
  • consumer-centric insights tailored through the lens of the business issue;
  • outputs with empathic, compelling stories stakeholders will remember.

Ipsos conducts content curation projects and programs by using the collective intelligence of our global network of strategic thinkers and storytellers – Ipsos’ Centre of Curation. They integrate, distill and simplify all available data to answer business questions and create impact. Curators bring together multidisciplinary experts, including data scientists, semioticians, category or topic experts, designers and more, to extract insight using our proprietary framework.

Curation framework | Ipsos
Deliverables include a range of digital outputs, like our socialisation space, Insight Cloud, playbooks, microsites, videos, podcasts, experiences, workshops, hackathons and more.