European 5G survey: Europeans are positive, but disinformation looms and citizens call for action

Almost all Europeans have heard about 5G, however only 1 out of 4 Europeans claim to have a good understanding about 5G.

Ipsos conducted the 5G survey in 23 European countries for ETNO (European Telecommunications Network Operators’ association). 5G is a groundbreaking technology with a lot of potential in cellular communication and is currently rolled out in multiple markets across Europe. 5G deployment however leads to concerns, controversy and even strong resistance among some citizens in Europe. The survey gives a real and unbiased picture of the current opinion towards 5G.

The main conclusions of the survey are:

  1. 5G awareness is high, but real understanding of 5G is low
  2. Attitude towards 5G is generally positive, yet 10% is negative
  3. The majority of Europeans aren’t confident enough to completely rule out 5G myths
  4. A third of citizens already think 5G will lead to price increases
  5. Communication from government & telecom operators benefits from a high level of trust in the source for information about 5G
  6. Lack of information or being informed leads to less positive attitudes towards 5G
  7. European citizens see mainly faster internet with more capacity as advantages of 5G.