[WEBINAR] KEYS - E-commerce Acceleration, Omnichannel Strategies for the Evolving Consumer

Keys - an Ipsos webinar

On the agenda:

  • Time for acceleration, Time for understanding: We consider the big questions facing manufacturers, retailers and service providers as they consider how best to evolve, re-design or re-think their strategies with Simon Atkinson and Hélène Lefebvre
  • Changing Consumer Contours: People are operating across multiple digital and physical channels for pretty much everything they do. But how is this affected by the current context and how are these current experiences evolving? We look at new Ipsos research from around the world with Chris Murphy
  • Digital Lifestyles: Spotlight on South Korea: As our daily routines change, we share new analysis from a country which remains at the forefront of putting new technological innovations to work with Jaeyoung Oh
  • Does your online experience deliver? Businesses need to ensure their e-commerce experiences don’t just look good but also work well. We explore how users feel when they are trying to get things done online with Yana Beranek

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  • Jennifer Hubber, Chief Client Officer, Head of Ipsos Global Client Organisation

  • Simon Atkinson, Chief Knowledge Officer, Ipsos

  • Chris Murphy, Global President, Brand & Market Strategy, Market Strategy and Understanding, Ipsos

  • Hélène Lefebvre, Chief Client Officer, Global Client Organisation

  • Jaeyoung Oh , Group Leader, Market Strategy & Understanding, Ipsos in South Korea

  • Yana Beranek, Senior Vice President, User Experience

Consumer & Shopper