[WEBINAR] KEYS - In Search of Empathy

WEBINAR - In Search of Empathy

This Ipsos webinar series is dedicated to helping our clients better understand the dynamics of today as they prepare for tomorrow.

Our focus is on bringing together new perspectives, based on real-life experiences and insights grounded in research.

In this session, we will be taking time out to explore how we can stay tuned to people’s daily lives and build our understanding from different angles. What do their everyday stories tell us about their hopes and fears? Where can we find new inspirations for how we target and talk to them? And how can we better connect the information at our disposal with the big decisions organisations and brands need to take about their direction of travel?

Please join us as we reflect on how we can all nurture environments that can adapt and grow against the ever-changing context of the world around us.

On the agenda:

  • The Year So Far: Six months into 2021, we have been pulling together a mid-year dossier to assess how the public mood is evolving and identify some of the latest dynamics in consumer behaviour.
  • Empathy Awakened: Key decision-makers are feeling the need to get closer to people and better understand the deeper “why” behind ever-shifting behaviours. We consider how to move to an empathetic viewpoint to develop relevant solutions and deeply-felt communication.
  • Getting it Right: How can we create more conscious brands in today’s rather turbulent context? We’ve been reflecting on how brand strategies can adapt and stay connected with what consumers really care about.
  • Connected Brands: We review the changing economic and demographic context of Sub-Saharan Africa and explore how brands can successfully support people’s everyday needs and longer-term aspirations.



All KEYS Webinar recordings and presentations are available here.


Speakers :

  • Jennifer Hubber, Chief Client Officer, Head of Ipsos Global Client Organisation

  • Simon Atkinson, Chief Knowledge Officer, Ipsos

  • April Jeffries, Global President, Ethnography and Immersive Research, Ipsos

  • Douwe Rademaker, Global Service Line Leader, Market Strategy & Understanding, Ipsos

  • Nanzala Mwaura, Chief Client Officer, Ipsos in South Africa

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