British public say cost of living concerns a key barrier to foreign travel this year

Around 1 in 7 of Brits not planning on travelling abroad say airport/port delays are putting them off according to a new Ipsos survey

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  • Keiran Pedley Public Affairs
  • Cameron Garrett Public Affairs
  • Laura King Public Affairs
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New research by Ipsos shows the rising cost of living to be a key barrier to foreign travel for the British public this year.

When asked about plans for the next 12 months, almost two-thirds (63%) of Britons say they are unlikely to go abroad outside of Europe while 47% say the same for travelling within Europe.

Q: Given the current situation, how likely, if at all, are you are to consider taking the following types of holiday in the next 12 months?  - Ipsos

Of those who say they are unlikely to travel abroad, either within or outside of Europe, the top 6 reasons given why include:

  • 49% cite financial concerns / cost of living / too expensive as a reason
  • 25% say they don’t have a valid passport
  • 23% say they still have concerns about COVID-19
  • 20% prefer to holiday in the UK
  • 18% say it is too much hassle or inconvenience to travel
  • 15% cite concerns about delays at ports / airports as a barrier to travel.

Seven in 10 Britons (71%) say they are likely to stay at home/do various day trips from where they live in the next 12 months, otherwise known as a “staycation”, while a similar proportion are likely to go somewhere in the UK away from their home (69%).

Looking back over the year so far, 4 in 10 (39%) have gone somewhere in the UK where they stayed at least one night while a quarter have been on a “staycation” (26%). Under 1 in 5 (17%) have been on holiday to Europe while only 8% have been away to somewhere outside of Europe. Three in 10 (31%) have been on none of these types of holiday so far this year.

Keiran Pedley, Research Director at Ipsos, said:

We know from other Ipsos research that the rising cost of living is a major concern for the British public at the moment. Therefore, it is no surprise that these concerns are putting some off foreign travel this year.

Technical note

Ipsos interviewed a representative quota sample of 1,024 adults aged 16-75 in Great Britain. Interviews took place on the online Omnibus using the Ipsos.Digital platform between 18th and 19th May 2022. Data has been weighted to the known offline population proportions.

The author(s)

  • Keiran Pedley Public Affairs
  • Cameron Garrett Public Affairs
  • Laura King Public Affairs

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