Ipsos survey on television picture quality

An Ipsos survey for AV Forums reveals that half (51%) of Britain's television owners don't make any adjustments to their TV picture after purchasing their set.

Ipsos was commissioned by AVForums as part of their PicturePerfect campaign to conduct a survey to discover if Britain’s television owners know how to get the best out of their displays. Key findings include:
  • Half (51%) of Britain’s television owners don’t make any adjustments to their television picture after purchasing their set.
  • Of those who adjusted their television pictures, only one in five (21%) followed manufacturer guidelines and only 5% used either professional services (3%), or test card patterns (2%).
Download the survey topline (PDF)

Technical Note

AVForums commissioned Ipsos to include their survey questions on the Ipsos CATI omnibus (computer assisted telephone interviewing). Interviews were conducted using controlled random digit dialling. The omnibus survey interviews a representative sample of c.1,000 GB adults aged 18+ each wave. The AVForums Picture Quality Settings study was conducted with a total sample of 1003 Adults 18+ between 8th-10th June 2012. Monitoring quotas were set to ensure the sample was nationally representative. The resultant data was weighted to ensure a representative sample of the Great British population.

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