Navigating the Storm: Public priorities for the 2024 Election

Ipsos' latest report on the future of public services “Navigating the Storm: Public priorities for 2024 Election”.

The author(s)
  • Trinh Tu Managing Director, Public Affairs
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As we approach a critical juncture for the future of public services, understanding the public's perspectives and expectations is vital. This report offers timely insights into the state of public opinion and the implications for policymaking in the coming years. 

 We set out the key challenges for the next government and potential solutions based on extensive Ipsos research and expert discussions.  

It includes:

  • Deep pessimism about the country's direction and state of public services
  • Record low confidence in government policies, with limited trust in Labour and no easy answers on tax and spend
  • High regional inequality perceptions, desire for local solutions and involving the public in policy questions
  • Priorities: fairness, access, quality, accountability, outcomes
  • Mixed views on AI depending on application

At Ipsos, we are committed to evidence-based dialogue about the future of public services. We hope this report contributes to a candid conversation about navigating fiscal pressures while ensuring services meet needs and expectations. 

The author(s)
  • Trinh Tu Managing Director, Public Affairs

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