Public Health England HIV Prevention Innovation Fund – Cohort 3 Evaluation Report

Ipsos was commissioned by Public Health England (PHE) to conduct an overarching process and impact evaluation of its HIV Prevention Innovation Fund.

The author(s)
  • Louise Adkins (nee Park) Public Affairs
  • Rachel Burkitt Public Affairs
  • David Hills Public Affairs
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The HIV Prevention Innovation Fund was created and implemented by PHE to support voluntary sector organisations reduce the impact of HIV through innovative interventions targeting groups most affected by HIV. To date, funding has been allocated to four cohorts of projects;

  • a first cohort of seven projects funded in 2015 which were completed at the end of 2016;
  • a second cohort of twelve projects in late 2016 which were completed in late 2017;
  • a third cohort of twelve projects funded in November 2017 and were completed late 2018; and,
  • a fourth cohort of fourteen projects funded in late 2018 due for completion in late 2019.

PHE commissioned Ipsos to undertake a process and impact evaluation of the HIV Prevention Innovation Fund and its projects.

This report focuses on Cohort 3, providing a summary of the activities and achievements of this cohort. This follows on from the evaluation reports for Cohort 1 and Cohort 2. These reports can be used to gain insight into the following:

  • the types of projects that were funded and how these interventions were implemented;
  • achievements of the individual projects and the Fund overall;
  • understanding what works in terms of HIV prevention in specific contexts;
  • lessons for implementing these types of interventions, including enablers and barriers;
  • the lasting legacy for the projects; and
  • implications for the Fund as a whole.
  • The report also has value as a resource for VCS organisations in developing innovative HIV prevention approaches.

Technical Details:

The Cohort 3 report is based upon the following activities carried out in between January and May 2019:

  • Project evaluation reports: Where available, projects’ own evaluation reports have been reviewed to feed into this overarching evaluation report;

  • Interviews with project leads;
  • Interviews with Local Authority commissioners who were involved in supporting applications to the Fund; and,
  • Follow-up interviews with Cohort 2 project leads to explore how projects from the previous Cohort had continued or adapted
The author(s)
  • Louise Adkins (nee Park) Public Affairs
  • Rachel Burkitt Public Affairs
  • David Hills Public Affairs

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