China and Covid-19 – Some Perspectives: Webinar on 6 May


The world is at different stages of the Covid-19 crisis, with Africa still at a relatively early stage; some countries across the globe are in full lockdown while others are taking a watch and see approach. And then there is China, slowly embarking on the long road to recovery as businesses re-open and life slowly begins to flow again. What is the China Story? We have the opportunity to hear it and learn from their experience.

David Rao, Managing Director for Ipsos China, will take us through an engaging presentation focusing on how the crisis unfolded, a perspective on the early shoots of recovery and some key take-out points on what it means to gather better insights in this fast-moving and still challenging environment.

This webinar presents a unique opportunity to listen to David and to learn from the China experience – what steps we can take in Africa; the impact Covid-19 had and how best to prepare for a restart.

We hope you can join us for what promises to be an optimistic take on the evolution of this global crisis.