Ipsos at MIE2018 Highlights

Last week Ipsos participated as a platinum sponsor in the MIE Conference. Ipsos has a strong reputation of showcasing only the most cutting-edge innovations at this conference. This year was no exception to that rule.

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  • Maaike Goes Marketing & Communications, the Netherlands
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Under the motto ‘where technology meets humanity’ Ipsos dared visitors to think about the future of man versus machine, in general and in research specifically.


Visitors of the Ipsos booth were presented bold survey questions such as ‘Are you ready to marry a robot’ or. ‘would you mind having your country governed by one?’. They were also offered a chance to experience the benefits of Artificial Intelligence in text analytics using a case study of a research into product reviews of Alexa. Of course the Alexa device was present at our booth as well.  To top it all off we had our own tele presence assistant on the conference floor. ‘The beam pro’. This was the ultimate ‘man meets machine-experience’. Visitors were surprised, enthusiastic and triggered by the opportunity to speak to someone at another location via a remotely controlled mobile screen.

Elaborating on the same theme we made three contributions to the lecture program.

  • Technology comes to shape us. Let’s act on it! / Colin Strong, Global Head of Behavioral Science at Ipsos
  • What is good ethnography, and why do it at all?  / Mark Coleran, Senior Insight Manager at Vocalink, a Mastercard company/Lucy Neiland, Senior Ethnographer at Ipsos, Hugh Good, Director Ipsos Qualitative research
  • Millenials Myths and Realities / Bobby Duffy, Managing Director of the Ipsos Social Research Institute

Please find the slides of these presentations below:

The author(s)

  • Maaike Goes Marketing & Communications, the Netherlands

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